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  • Why Empathy training is important for Telesales and Telemarketing people
  • Dealing with the person as well as the transaction
  • A quick case study of successful training
  • How we develop a course for your people

Why Empathy Styles training is important for Telesales and
Telemarketing people

Telesales/Telemarketing CoursesAs a potential customer one of the most irritating things is to have someone from a business phone you asking a question or trying to sell you something when they're not very good at it! They may be too 'pushy' or not ask the right questions or be unnecessarily positive or over-familiar. On the other hand getting a call from someone who is good at what they do can be a pleasure. They may bring you ideas or products that are just what you wanted. And you may put the phone down thinking "what a nice person"!


Dealing with the Person as well as the Transaction

What's the difference? Well, mostly it's in the training that these people receive, or don't receive! The Empathy Styles approach gives people a real advantage in that it teaches telesales and telemarketing people how to treat customers and prospects as people.

A quick case study

One of our recent successes in this area has been with a major credit card organisation. They came to us because they knew that they were very good at dealing with 'the transaction' (people wanting a new rate, or a new card or a revised limit etc), but they were not good at dealing with the 'person' - everyone got the same treatment.

The results from the training were better than they had expected. Before the training this organisation typically would receive 1 letter of commendation every 40,000 calls. Following the training they were receiving 1 letter every 1000 calls - a remarkable turnaround. And the team were more motivated and positive, and self-critical leading to continually improved performance. During the follow-up one young lady turned to the trainer and said "thank you for making my job enjoyable again". She had become bored doing the same old thing in the same old way.

How we develop a course for your people

How did we accomplish this? By spending some time with them initially, to discover and understand how their particular process worked. Then putting together a 2-day programme of skill training in which we taught them to recognise the one or two Empathy styles of their customer in the first 30 seconds of the call. Then importantly showing them how to respond to each individual depending on their Empathy style.

Normally people are astonished when we describe the speed at which this recognition and adaption can take place. But we know it's possible and we know how to teach it to people on the phone within a matter of hours.

Call us today and challenge us to come up with a training solution for your telesales or telemarketing team that's different and effective.

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