Become an Empathy Styles Trainer

Become an Empathy Styles TrainerTraining to teach Empathy Styles can give you an edge in your training. Understanding the Empathy Styles approach at a level so that you can teach it will give you an understanding of people that most trainers just don't have. This knowledge will also enhance your training in other areas. Additionally it will help your sales and how you work with different clients.

And of course, becoming an Empathy Styles trainer means that you can sell and deliver the Empathy Styles courses to your own clients to give them even greater value.

If you are employed as a trainer in a business you can be trained to deliver Empathy Styles training within your business. Your company will need a licence to deliver Empathy Styles courses which is easily negotiated.

World-Class Standard

Trainers are taught to deliver Empathy Styles programmes to a world class standard. They may be distributors looking to deliver their own programmes or they could be in-house trainers delivering a licensed programme to their own company. Every year they help thousands of people have a greater understanding of themselves and others.

The process of becoming a trainer starts with your attendance at an Empathy Styles course - either management or sales.

Who can become an Empathy Styles Trainer?

Anyone who would like to utilise Empathy Styles in their personal and professional lives and environment. Anyone with an already developed training ability. If you don't already have the necessary training skills, PeopleTrack can help you to acquire them.

How to become an Empathy Trainer

Here's the process:

  • Attend a 2-day course - either Empathy Selling or Empathy Management
  • Attend the 3 day Empathy Trainers Training Programme
  • Run a 2-day Empathy programme in tandem with an experienced Empathy Trainer
  • Run a 2-day Empathy programme with observation from another experienced Empathy Trainer

Why should I become a Trainer?

  • Build understanding and rapport with diverse groups
  • Recognise the values, joys, strengths, stresses and frustrations of each personality
  • Develop a deep understanding of your own temperament - what you do well, how you can be at your best
  • Be licensed to purchase Empathy Styles licensed materials with the knowledge as to how to use them

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