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Empathy Customer Service Course – a valuable business training course Empathy Styles provides valuable educational tools to businesses through management courses and training in London. We believe that one of the most important aspects of being a manager is understanding and engaging with the members of staff you are trying to build relationships with.

When it comes to managing a team, we are confident that in order to be successful leaders should follow our Empathy Styles model which believes that everybody has 7 different styles in their personality. Once an individual knows how to recognise which are the dominant personality traits in people, they can use this knowledge to their advantage and dramatically improve their relationships with them.

Attending a management course can benefit team leaders, other members of staff and businesses as a whole. Participants will adopt effective management approaches, techniques and tricks, learn how to identify their own management style, realise how to get the best from their team and most importantly, learn the secrets of how to successfully manage people regardless of which of the seven personality styles they are.

Another vital aspect of being a successful manager is knowing how to handle customers no matter what their personality type. Our practical courses teach attendees how to do this face-to-face and over the phone in an effective manner.

Use our management courses and training in London to create great customer relationships and give your business a competitive edge that will make you stand out.

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We offer a range of seminars and courses to suit you and your business needs. From two hour seminars and one day courses to three and five day courses depending on the level of knowledge you are hoping to acquire. When booking any of our courses we will offer a discount when you book more than one person in to attend.


Empathy Customer Service Course – a valuable business training course Learn how to drive sales, deal with service and complaints and improve emotional intelligence when liaising with potential and existing clientele. Participants will become familiar with the Empathy Styles model, discover how to 'read' the personality of customers and then adopt these approaches and use them to achieve positive results.

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